THE RE-EVOLUTION FOR Laparoscopic Surgery


New paradigm in the laparoscopic sector.
This is the instrument that creates a break in the traditional tools, bringing the tools of the future.
We leave aside 40 years of rigidity in the tips to finally reach movements similar to those of the surgical robot, reducing incision diameters in almost 50% of the size of the surgical robot (From 10 to 5 mm) and in the nearest future the launching of a 3 mm diameter tools to strengthen the minimally invasive surgery concept and no scars surgery.


Using the same OR equipment, the same traditional 5 mm and 3 mm trocars of any laparoscopic platform, surgeons just switch to this new instrument with a simple and intuitive learning process.

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Multi position tip:
Articulating 90° in all directions. “Surgeon’s hand inside the body”.
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rotation 360°
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Natural manipulation
without wrists or other supplements that could diminish the freedom in the surgeon’s hand, making faster and easier the exchange of the instrument for the surgeon.
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Simple learning curve
The use is very easy and intuitive for the surgeon, just the thimbles are controlling the movement on the jaws, for this reason, the functioning and learning curve are very simple.
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